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"Bryan has a particular enquiry into the craft of acting, a fascination and a passion. He was an excellent student, and should go far."


Letitia Bartlett, Instructor of Physical Acting, AAU, SF


"Bryan is one of the easiest actors I've worked with. He always takes time to understand the character. He's not afraid to ask questions and strives to give his best performance each take."


Toby Harbo, Cinematographer/Director/Writer

"I've had the honor to work with Bryan on numerous projects. As a director, it's a joy to work with such a skilled actor. I always felt confident with him on set because his preparation is unmatched and he has a real gift for raising the performances of the rest of the cast."


Kenny Stemmons, Director/Writer/Actor

"He was incredibly talented even at a young age. An absolute delight to work with and can help keep the moral up on any set. I'm excited to work with him in the future."


Trey Shults, Director/Writer of award winning film, KRISHA.

"The seemingly effortless quality of talent Bryan contributed to our project was a rare and fortunate find. He possesses a unique and skillful gift for interpretation. He's able to connect with his character, run with that knowledge and translate it in a way that's so emotionally compelling you can't help but be completely invested. it's the same story interacting with his co-stars, making them feel comfortable and subtly enticing them to listen and react accordingly. I hope to work with him in the future."


Elizabeth Kohlleffel, Director of award winning short, HIS KEEPER



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